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Death of Gain Clone, DC version
DoGC DC data:
Output power @ 4/8 ohms:  2x36 Watts
Frequency range (-3dB):  0÷50k c.p.s.
Harmonic Distortion (2nd):  ≤-75dB
Price:  285 euro
Transmission Line (pair) with Visaton drivers
Mid TL
TL data:
Frequency range:  40÷20k c.p.s.
Sensitivity:  83dB/Watt/m
Crossover frequency:  300 c.p.s.
Power & impedance:  30/50 Watts / 8 ohms
Drivers:  Visaton FRS8 & W130S
Dimentions, (mm):  H1000 / W186 / D261
Volume:  ≈ 48.5 liters (each)
Price, pair:  330 euro
"Inspiration", tube amp with separate power supply module
Inspiration data:
Output power @ 4/8 ohms:  2x3.5 Watts
Frequency range (-3dB):  20÷20k c.p.s.
Harmonic Dist. (2nd) @ 3.5W:  ≤-26dB (5%)
Dimentions, amp (mm):  H170 / W240 / D240
Dimentions, PSM (mm):  H145 / W150 / D360
Price:  620 euro
BL horn (pair) with full range driver Ether 5ND
BL horn
Ether 5ND data:
Frequency range:  40÷20.5k c.p.s.
Sensitivity:  96dB/Watt/m
T/S parameters:  f3=47Hz, Re=4 Ohm,
Vas=40 liter, Qes=0.5, Qms=3.95, Qts=0.444
Horn data:
Driver:  Ether 5ND
Dimentions, (mm):  H1250 / W362 / D560
Volume:  ≈ 253 liters (each)
Price, pair:  1250 euro
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